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Custom Stamps

  • Printy Line Self-Inking Text Stamps

    The Original Trodat Printy - often copied, but never equaled! There is the right Printy for every requirement. Available in more than 15 different sizes, all with a built-in inkpad (5 different ink colors available).
  • Professional Line - Self Inking Text Stamps

    Heavy duty, metal self-inking stamps. Company or address stamp, also available with company logo - a Professional Line stamp with built-in inkpad (5 different colors) in the text plate size needed is available for every requirement.
  • Mobile Printy Line - Self Inking Text Stamps

    The Mobile Printy is the unique pocket stamp which can be operated with just one hand. The design and innovative functions make the Mobile Printy more than a useful accessory. It is perfectly designed for all applications on the move or at home. Available in several sizes, case colors and ink colors.
  • Ideal Line of Self Inking Stamps

    The Ideal self-inking stamps work and feel as great as they look. Their numerous patented features make them a pleasure to use. Just one impression and you will appreciate the ergonomic shape and heavy duty construction. The IDEAL self-inking stamps feature precision components for a smooth, quiet action and many years of trouble free operation. A full size visible label lets you choose the correct stamp every time. Make thousands of impressions without re-inking! Ideal self-inking stamps are an excellent choice for your high volume stamping needs. They have been mechanically tested to over 1,000,000 impression cycles.
  • Maxlight Pre-Inked Stamps

    Available in 20 sizes and 5 different ink colors.
  • Ulti-Mark Pre-Inked Flash Stamps

    Stamping made easy – Just press and print: With Ultimark pre-inked stamps the stamp's ink is already integrated in the text plate, so no separate ink pad is required. You’ll get clean, crisp impressions every time you use your Ultimark pre-inked stamp. After thousands of impressions, just re-ink your stamp for thousands more. In addition, pre-inked stamps are very popular for large imprints in particular because the stamp is relatively small despite the large imprint area. Now in a new design!
  • PSI Line - Self-Inking and Slim Stamps

    Excellent Print Quality - Average Impressions - Up to 15,000
  • PSI Line - Slim and Super Slim Stamps

    Print Quality - Excellent Ave. Impressions - Up to 15K Reinkable - Yes
  • PSI Blue Line Self-Inking Stamps

    Manufactured with Low Emissions and a level of consistency that creates the most impressions from any self-inker using water-based ink.
  • PSI Metal Self-Inking Text Stamps

    The new large handle and frame stabilizer makes for a easy, smooth imprint every time.
  • Clothing Marker

    The stamp impression provides a unique identification after washing to avoid any confusion. So the garment always finds its way back to its owner after cleaning.
  • JustRite Stamps

    Justrite is built for the heavy duty jobs that other stamps just can’t do. Ideal for industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, automotive, packaging and extreme climate applications. Justrite is built to handle whatever you throw at it.
  • Regular Hand Stamps

    The traditional hand stamp comes in various widths and lengths and is the solution to any stamping application when using an ink pad. Requires separate ink pad.
  • Rocker Mount Stamps

    Rocker stamps feature a curved profile enabling the user to "roll-on" a large imprint. This allows for complete surface contact giving the best image for larger imprints. Rocker stamps range from 4" x 3" to a massive 8" x 15". Stamps under 6" x 6" will have a standard handle and stamps 6" x 6" and larger come with a metal handle or heavy duty handle depending on the size.