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JustRite Dater and Number Stamps

Justrite is built for the heavy duty jobs that other stamps just can’t do. Ideal for industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, automotive, packaging and extreme climate applications. Justrite is built to handle whatever you throw at it.
  • JustRite Self Inking Dater Stamps

    Self-inking. With text plate. Rubber text plate and date. Ink color: black. Size of date: 4mm. Date inset: 32 x 9 mm in the middle. Different sizes.
  • JustRite Self-Inking Numbering Stamps

    JustRite Self-Inking Numbering Stamps are excellent for situations where Part or ID Numbers are required to be changed regularly. The characters are easily changeable by turning the bands using the large wheels at the top of the frame. All numberers come with Gothic typeface unless Roman is specified.
  • JustRite Self-Inking Die Plate Daters/Numberers with Figure Bands

    Just Rite Self-Inking Die Plate Daters/Numberers with Figure Bands is a truly unique stamp, which combines a self inker, die plate dater and numbering machine. There is nothing else like it on the market.